Evaluation, Policy, and Economic Research

John M. Knox & Associates, Inc. applies its research skills to assist both public- and private-sector clients to address policy questions and make practical marketing decisions based on solid data … whether from existing information or new research.

Program and Policy Evaluation

We assist policy-makers and program stakeholders in systematically assessing the operation and/or outcomes of their policy or program, as compared to a set of explicit or implicit standards, so that distinguishable, meaningful improvement can be realized.

Housing Policy and Market Analysis

We have been conducting housing needs and market studies for private clients and public agencies for the past 25 years. We also assist clients as diverse as public utilities and retail developers to gather the needed information for business decisions.

Economic Development Planning and Research

We assist communities and landowners in assessing the practical feasibility of ways to balance sustainable growth with local values and identity.

Selected Recent Examples

  • 2015 Economic Input-Output Analysis, Interstate H-1 Corridor Study 

  • 2013-14  Work with Hawai‘i Tourism Authority on updated Strategic Plan (conceptual options, stakeholder interviews, situation analysis, strategic working groups, etc.)
  • 2010 (with 2015 Moloka‘i update) – Assisted in analysis and preparation of both the Housing and Economic Development components of updated Community Plans for Moloka‘i and Lāna‘i.

  • 2009 Urban Land Institute (Hawai‘i Chapter) survey of O‘ahu resident perceptions of, and attitudes toward, affordable housing development.

  • 2008 Hawai‘i Cruise Industry Study – JMK Associates was part of a team headed by ICF International to perform a comprehensive review of cruise impacts on Hawai‘i. We had particular responsibility for estimating economic impacts on Hawai‘i and comparing economic impacts of cruise cabins with those from on-shore accommodations.

  • 2007 Maui Island General Plan Update – housing analysis and policy recommendations based on review of decades of Hawai‘i housing data (two-volume analysis, with Dinell Associates)

  • 2007 Urban Honolulu Development Projections – The Hawaiian Electric Co. (HECO) assigned us to develop forecasts through 2030 of area-specific residential and economic development, in order to determine the best power distribution system for the Honolulu Service Area.

  • 2006 analysis for Kīhei Community Association of potential effects on housing costs of proposed county affordable housing policy.

  • 2006 Eco-Tourism Feasibility Study – A major Hawai‘i landowner contracted us to study potential eco-tourism projects and feasibility for various sites.