Understanding Today, Shaping Tomorrow.

John M. Knox & Associates, Inc. is committed to integrity, accuracy, and equity both in our analytic work and also in our dealings with stakeholders in community development. We serve clients who envision change and a better future for the islands. However, the best service we can provide those who look to the future is to help them understand the realities of the present and where the best opportunities for change truly lie.


John M. Knox was originally involved with Hawai‘i and Pacific policy issues as a young journalist covering land use controversies in Honolulu. He saw a need for improved socio-economic impact analysis in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process, and earned graduate-level degrees in planning and the social sciences to prepare himself to address that need by creating a new consulting company.

“Community Resources, Inc.” became Hawai'i's first full-service socio-economic research consultancy, employing up to 10 people at the peak of resort development and planning activities in Hawai'i during the early 1990s. Community Resources was known for excellence in both quantitative and qualitative aspects of its research activities and for its working partnerships with community groups facing major change and development. The company produced dozens of socio-economic assessments, with particular emphasis on tourism, residential, and military projects.

When the economy stagnated in the 1990s, Dr. Knox and his company diversified activities – including substantially more policy research and program evaluations for public- and nonprofit-sector clients.

In early 1995, he sold the name and assets of that company; spent a year or two focusing mostly on his family; then began to function as a sole practitioner (with the help of a network of associates) under the re-named corporate identity “John M. Knox & Associates, Inc.”

The company has conducted some of its most challenging work in the 2000s – projects such as the State of Hawai‘i Sustainable Tourism Project, socio-economic analysis of the proposed Guam military build-up, evaluation of a long-term multi-million dollar National Science Foundation grant to the University of Hawai‘i, and economic impact analyses of redeveloping the Ala Moana Shopping Center and the iconic International Market Place in Waikīkī. Current effort (late 2013 – early 2014) also include working with the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority on the agency’s next Strategic Plan and analyzing socio-economic impacts of a new development plan for Kaka‘ako, the large urban core between Waikīkī and downtown Honolulu.

John M. Knox, President JMK & Associates Inc. Hawai‘i Council of Economic Education, 2001 Jackstadt Award.